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Cast List

TERI HATCHER as Lois Lane-Kent
DEAN CAIN as Clark Kent aka “Superman”
LANE SMITH as Perry White
MICHAEL LANDES as Jimmy Olsen (1st season)
K CALLEN as Martha Kent
EDDIE JONES as Jonathan Kent
JOHN SHEA as Lex Luther (1st season/intermittently 2nd - 4th seasons)
TRACY SCOGGINS as Catherine Grant (1st season)
FARRAH FORKE as Deputy D.A. Mason Drake (2nd season)
JUSTIN WHALLIN as Jimmy Olsen (2nd - 4th seasons)
BEVERLY GARLAND as Ellen Lane (2nd - 4th seasons)
HARVE PRESNELL as Dr. Sam Lane (2nd - 4th seasons)
KENNETH KIMMONS as Dr. Bernard Klein (2nd - 4th seasons)

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Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman is the property of December 3rd Productions and Warner Brothers Television. It aired on ABC and repeats aired on TNT.